I visited your store last Tuesday the 18th.  I want to take the time to say thank you for your expedient service and print job you did for me. I travel a lot with my company and many times I must use printing companies to get reports printed (like the ones you all did for me). Every time I have had those reports done, I was always told the job had to be printed as a color job, although it was only the last two pages that were in color. I am so appreciative of your honesty. You all could have done the same and I would not have been wiser because that was what I expected. I hope the Cambridge community truly supports you all. I told the Le Meridien ( who recommended your shop) to make sure they send everyone with a print job to you all. I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service. I looked to see if I could give you a rating or something. I saw the testimonial page, but I was not able to add to it. If you want to  clean up this email and post it, you have my permission. Again I cannot thank you enough. I wished there were more businesses like you all that operate with the integrity that you do.

Sincere thanks,

Modestine Montgomery

Classic Graphx,

I can’t thank you enough for your help in getting us the resident handbooks so quickly for our lease renewals. I can always count on you and your crew to do such a good job for us. Thanks again!!

Mary Ellen

Hi Anne,

Everything went great, thank you for all your help getting our materials together! We had over 200 people show up, very successful event. One of our student inters asked how much the name tags cost, when I asked him why he said because they are really nice : )