Arts in the City of Sin –

The staff at Classic Graphx love seeing the beautiful impact public art has on our neighborhoods, shaping our physical spaces, as well as our way of thinking and connecting.

Brian, one of our designers at Classic Graphx has been drawing and painting lettering for the better part of the last decade and has recently started to emerge in the public art scene of the Greater Boston Area. Over the course of two weeks in July 2017,  Brian participated in the international mural festival “Beyond Walls” in Lynn, MA. He was among 20 artists from around the world to paint 15 walls in downtown Lynn as part of an effort to rejuvenate and bring people to downtown Lynn.

This piece was made in collaboration with Brian’s friend Tallboy, an illustrator and designer now based in Portland, OR. This mural is located on the top of 33 Spring Street in Lynn, MA for all your viewing pleasure. We hope you get a chance to visit Lynn and see all of the murals.

Beyond Walls is gearing up for their 2018 festival. Read all about it at

More work by Tallboy can be found on his Instagram @tallboy666. More of Brian’s work can be seen on his website,

Here are some process pictures of the “Believe” wall, some shots from the festival as well as other examples of Brian’s work.