An important client of Classic Graphx is Food For Free, a non-profit committed to providing food to food banks and individuals in the Cambridge environs. Their work makes a huge difference to the local community. Earlier this month, Anne Shuhler and Alison Shoemaker (from Classic Graphx) volunteered for a morning of picking and preparing vegetables in Lincoln at Food for Free’s vegetable fields! Below is Anne’s entry for that memorable morning:

Alison and I met at my house for a hearty breakfast at 7:30 and headed out to Lincoln by 8:00 am.


Fresh, fresh, beautiful vegetables.  

Lots of beets, some lettuce, some kale, some cabbage – 173 lbs in all, picked, washed and boxed to distribute. The field is picked once a week, so hardy vegetables and hardy workers are key to a good crop. I hate to admit it, but Alison and I were wimps and had not gone the previous three very hot Wednesdays. Luckily, Food for Free has several volunteers that come every week and do several hours work no matter what the weather. What wonderful folks.


Food for Free is a great organization. Go to and see what they do. Look at these pictures, and hopefully be inspired to volunteer or help them out with some funds. Feast your eyes on these pictures!!!